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TheThe Ministry of Defence have announced that they intend to decommission RAF Scampton in 3 years time. A suggestion has been put forward at Scampton Church that a stained glass window might be commissioned to mark 100 years relationship between RAF Scampton and Scampton Church (1918 – 2018) and thereby also create a lasting memory to all who served in squadrons at the base, both in peacetime, during the two world wars and the cold war.

The following organisations have agreed to be non funding community partners, in the planning and execution of the project.; RAF Scampton, Scampton Primary School, Pollyplatt Primary School at RAF Scampton, and The Dambusters Inn, Scamtpon.
Twenty two squadrons have been based at RAF Scampton since its inception and 15 of those have squadron associations. Combine this with the 65,000 members of the Royal Air Forces Association worldwide, and the thousands of followers of the Red Arrows, then it is hoped that a carefully designed crowd funding campaign would stand a good chance of success, in securing the funds needed.

Two well respected stained glass designers, with an impressive portfolio, are working on a conceptual design for this RAF stained glass window. The basic makeup of the conceptual design was agreed at a meeting, between the partners, and the RAF Scampton badge forms a central part of that design, alongside the winged RAF badge (per ardva ad astra) which sits proudly on 106 of the 107 war grave headstones in the churchyard. A suggested inscription on the window might read:

“Commemorating those who served at RAF Scampton 1918 - 2018”

Also included in the design are a representation of an Avro Lancaster (which flew with 83 squadron from RAF Scampton), the 'Vulcan to the Sky' Avro Vulcan (which flew with 27 squadron from RAF Scampton) and the Red Arrows 'Hawk Jets' Team (currently based at RAF Scampton).


RAF Scampton, The Royal Air Forces Association, The Red Arrows, Red Arrows Association, Vulcan to the Sky, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, The RAF museum, and the International Bomber Command Centre have offered to support this project on their social media platforms.

The RAF stained glass window will be on the South side of the church adjacent to the RAF flag.
The RAF stained glass window will be on the South side of the church adjacent to the RAF flag.

RAF Stained Glass Window - Associated Arts Project

We thought it was important not to just relate the project to the installation of the window but to expand it to an educational arts project for our 200 local children. The children will make a tile each which represents (in their perception) a facet of the window.

Through this 'Fresh Expression' of Church this project will help ensure that the 200 children who attend Scampton Primary School and Pollyplatt Community Primary School will be more aware of the ultimate sacrifice given by the 107 people buried in the Commonwealth War Graves in our churchyard. Also through the associated education linked to making the representative tiles, based on the design of the window, will help them appreciate the democratic and free country that they live in.


Following feedback we received on the conceptual design of the window from the station commander at RAF Scampton, the Diocese and Historic England stained glass window advisor and other interested parties some amendments have been made and the final design decided upon. A sketch of the final design is shown below. However the Queens crown on the RAF badge  (per ardva ad astra) will be replaced with the Kings crown.
We are now liaising with Lincoln University Media Studies Department about the crowd funding campaign to finance the window. The media campaign is to be fronted by a professionally made three minute video which sets out the rationale behind the window and makes links to the history of the relationship between Scampton Church, the RAF Commonwealth War graves and RAF Scampton. The video will be made by Lincoln University Media Studies (New Media Links Showreel) and launched on social media worldwide to head up the crowd funding campaign.
Illustrated below are artists impressions of the window and more detailed sketches of the three iconic aircraft.
RAF window final sketch monochrome
RAF window final sketch colour
Detais of stained glass window aircraft

The objectives for the window emphasise a new peace, reverence, remembrance, liberty, protection, gratitude for the ultimate sacrifice. Therefore a dove with an olive branch has now been incorporated into the design. This will sit in the rose window above the commemorative windows.

Dove design colour
An illustration of a similar dove in a church window created by the artist
An illustration of a similar dove in a church window created by the artist
Dove design b&w
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