Scampton Church Family

Our church family loves and welcomes everyone - Meet the leadership team below

Here's the leadership team


Fr Sebastian


I am the Rector of the Springline Parish. Prior to arriving in the diocese of Lincoln I was the Vicar at St Michael and All Angels Church Eastbourne. Together with my wife Alida we now look forward to serving God and his people here at Scampton and at our other churches in the Parish. God has been so faithful and so provident. Having worked in various climes and countries and with various peoples and languages, my wife and I are eager to share our lives, our stories and our faith with you all. This is not something we ever imagined, even in our wildest dreams! But the Lord is always full of surprises for those who love him! (Romans 8.28). May He surprise us mightily in the Springline Parish of nine village Churches of which Scampton Church is such a fellowship of energy, promise and hope!


You can contact Fr Sebastian on 01522 731793‬



Local Minister

I'm Sue and I live in Scampton with my husband. I was the churchwarden for 24 years, and I'm very passionate about our church here which I have specific responsibility for.
Six years ago I was planning a restful retirement catching up with friends and looking after my grandchildren. However it seemed that God had not read the script that I had written and had a different plan.
I studied at Lincoln Theological College for 4 years and I was ordained deacon in 2014 and priested in 2015.
Being an OLM ( ordained local minister) means that my ministry is within my community. I have known a lot of the parishioners for 30 years or more and I feel it a real privilege to be here for them in times of trouble and joy. I have been amazed at conversations I have had with people about their faith. People I would never have thought gave a moments time to God. How wrong can I be!
I am very involved with the local primary school - where I used to work, and together with a team regularly go in to do assemblies, and am occasionally asked to go into different classes to run 'question and answer sessions' with the children. On the back of this a Family Service was started several years ago. I make no apologies for making it mainly for younger children. The younger the children, the longer they can learn of the love of Jesus and what a difference he can make in someone's life.
Together with an amazing team I aim to tell of our experience of the risen Christ and encourage others to find Him in a modern, relevant and unstuffy way.

You can contact Sue on ‭01522 730167

Chris Kenny


Church Warden & 'Youth Group Leader'


Church Warden, Treasurer & Secretary


Sarah Kenny
Jane Deville





Whether it be welcome, worship, children, cafe, cleaning, music, maintenance, production, projection, flowers or anything else, there are lots of ways to use your gifts, and serve Christ with Scampton Church Family. Why not come and join us and help build His church and your community.

Here at Scampton Church there are many who are keen to involve themselves in the community, helping where there’s need. We are always looking for opportunities to serve our community in practical ways - with no strings attached! If you are aware of a particular need in our local community, be it practical or prayer then please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you to see how we can help out.


What's Scampton Church Family About?

We're not about religion, or orthodoxy!

We're not about , 'our theology' vs. 'yours!

We're not about prejudiced discrimination!

We're not about dogma or traditions!

We're not about rituals or denominations!

We are about one very simple, yet simultaneously incomprehensible, vastly complex person......JESUS...... and all that he stood for.

What if I'm new to church?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Scampton Church often has people who are new to the area, just visiting, new to church, and new to Christianity. We just want to welcome you and make things as clear, simple and friendly as possible.

What will church be like?

Most services run for about an hour. There’s great music and enthusiastic singing. The bible will be read and explained in a simple, real and relevant way that relates to what’s happening in the world today. Also different people will lead the church in prayer. You’re more than welcome just to sit and watch – but we think you’ll enjoy it more if you try it on and join in. You won’t be pressed for money!

How should I dress?

Church is a celebration. A bit like a family party. But, of course, everyone has a different way of dressing for parties. Some people will wear shorts or jeans and t-shirts. Others prefer a dress, suit or a good shirt. You’ll find both of these, and a whole lot more, at Scampton.
Since Jesus welcomes all people, so do we. So dress how you like – honestly, no one will notice.