Baptism is the way that we make a public commitment to follow Jesus. Baptism is sometimes called Christening, particularly when it’s a baby that’s being baptised.

Baptism is a celebration – for the individual, their family and the church family into which they are welcomed. We aim to reflect this in our Baptism services. When a baby or young child is baptised, their parents and God-parents make these commitments on behalf of the child, and promise to help him or her ‘grow into’ them as they get older.
The baptism service for an adult is similar to the service for a child's baptism, except that because you make the decision and the promises yourself, there is no role required for parents or Godparents (who make decisions and promises on behalf of a child). You may decide to have supporting friends or 'sponsors' - this can be anyone who wishes to encourage you in your Christian faith. It may be a friend, or someone in your family and you may have more than one person if you wish.
If you are thinking about baptism – whether for yourself or for a baby or young child – the first step is to contact Sue and you should do this before choosing a date or making any other arrangements.

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