Puppet Scripts

Welcome to our puppet script page. We love to share this resource to help others tell of Jesus' good news. Please feel free to copy and adapt the scripts to fit your own presentation of the relevant bible passage.

Pete the puppet is a bit of a extreme sports enthusiast and often gets carried away in describing his experiences!

Subject Bible Reference
Patience Ephesians 4.2 Download
Caretakers of Gods creation Psalm 65.9-16 Download
Be kind and compassionate Ephesians 4.32 Download
Being Tested Mark 1.9-13 & 2Corinthians 1.3-4 Download
Zacchaeus Luke 19. 1-10 Download
The Servant King John 13. 14-15 Download
The Lords Prayer Matthew 6. 5-15 Download
Bread of Heaven Matthew 6.25-34 Download
Serve one another in love John 13. 14-15 Download
Unity Ephesians 4. 3-6 & 15-16 Download
The Wise Men Matthew 2.1-12 Download
Alpha Course Luke 8.39 Download
Humility Matthew 23.1-12 Download
New Beginnings Matthew 3.13-17 Download
Endurance Colossians 1.11 Download
Hope Jeremiah 29.11-14 Download
Build your life on rock Matthew 4.24-27 Download