War Graves

Scampton Churchyard contains 64 Commonwealth and eight German war graves

from the Second World War,  and a further 43 graves of personnel who died on active service.

During the Second World War there was a Royal Air Force Station at Scampton, and in the early months of the war a plot of land lying to the right of the church entrance was set aside for the burial of servicemen. In 1941 it became necessary to reserve further ground for this purpose and a plot in an extension of the churchyard north of the church was used. The war graves in this burial ground are therefore in two sections and these are linked by a footpath.

A research project by members of Scampton church intends to map and document as much personal information relating to each of the service personnel buried here. Every year Scampton Church receives hundreds of visitors who come to wander up and down the rows of headstones, stopping to read the names and are saddened by the loss of so many young men.

Members of Scampton Church Family have risen to the challenge to find out more about each and every one of them. We are searching for their stories, about their lives and photographs that will put a face to the name which is engraved on their headstone. We realise that this may take a long time, but we hope to encourage you to take part. These men deserve to be remembered. Run the cursor over the names below to follow the links to the research so far.

If you would like to help out with this project then please contact us.

The National Churches Trust has included Scampton Church in its 'Lincolnshire Remembers' project which is associated with the International Bomber Command Centre, Lincoln. Our church page on the website includes a feedback section. We encourage you to leave your comments.

Scampton Church Commonwealth War Graves 1 - 41 PLAN WITHOUT NAMES

1.  Rudolf Scherer

2. Werner Nollam

3. Wilhelm Hansen

4. Johannes Dietrich

5. Heinrich Conze

6. Alfred Altenkirch

7. Kurt Hanning

8. Helmuth Wimmender &

E.H. Reidel

9. Sgt. T.D. Dakin

10. Sgt. L.D.J. Crozier

11. Sgt. T.H. Hardisty

12. Flt. Lieut. A.J.G Mills

13. Sgt. W.T.R. Stephenson

14. Air Gunner. P.J. Murphy

15. Sgt. B.V. Mason

16. Sgt. T. H. Smith

17. Pilot Officer V.C. Maybury

18. Flt. Sgt. S.C. Steward

19. J. Metcalfe

20. L.R. Evans

J. Hannah V.C. (rose garden)

21. Sgt. G.V. Davenport-Jones

22. Sgt. R. Norris

23. Sgt. O.B. McMahon

24. Pilot Officer E.R. Davis

25. M.F. Cross

26. W.W. Stainforth

27. Sgt. P.C. Prosser

28. K.W. Michie

29. J.H. Green

30. Sgt. B.E. Redgrove

J.S. Lockwood (Churchyard West End)

31.D.D. Snooke

32. T. Horberry

33. E.N.C. Catley

34. W.G. Kelly

35. S. Taylor

36. T.A. Keating

37. B.V. Hastie

38. D.H. Launders

39. R.W. Bennett

40. H.A. Bowmer

41. C.M. Lochead

Scampton Church Commonwealth War Graves 42 - 107 PLAN WITHOUT NAMES

42. L.F. Adam

43. Peter Wilson Stacey

44. A.J. Potter

45. K.Turner

46. K.M. Leng

47. S.P. Farlow

48. C.M. Edwards

49. S. Palmer

50. N.W.J. Bevis

51. R.H. Juliff

52. W. Hart

53. T.J. Caffery

54. H.W. Ricketts

55. J.A.G. Browne

56. J.F. Greenan

57. E.L. Cole

58. A.E. Shelson

59. R.S. Shaw

60. D.C. MacNab
61. K.G. McKee

62. R.N. Todd & M.A. Todd

63. N.H. Thomas

64. J.A.M. Hamilton

65. J.Manchester

66. R.E. Thompson

67. H. McEntevy

68. V.C. Shuker

69. R.M. Parriot

70. A.E. Flello

71. R.H. Haskins

72. F.C.E. Miller

73. F. Ridley

74. K.P. Merler


75. C.H. Butt

76. L.B. Ware

77. W.H. Parr

78. A. Findlay

79. F.J. Turner

80. G.C.R. Barefoot

81. P.M. Nagaur

82. D.G. Blackwell

83. T.L. Kendrick

84. P.E. Reeve

85. E.J. Smith

86. J. Smithers

87. J B Mallett

88. L. Grey

89. A.E. Trott

90. W.H. Warren

91. K. Aird

92. G.L. Mustoe

93. D.H. Jarvis

94. P.J. Gairns

95. R.J. Davies

96. J.A. Wardley

97. K. Ireson

98. P.E. Clark

99. A.J. Fitzgerald

100. G.W. Peter

101. F.D. Grant

102. F W Music

103. F.S.T.S. Pittard

104. T.N. Macleod

105. F. Mayes

106. J.H. Barry

107. R.G. Peverill

A book relating to the white military headstones in the churchyard is available from local bookshops and online retailers ('Slightly Below the Glide Path - RAF Scampton' by Brian Mennell and Gary Mennell. Fox 3 Publishing York. ISBN 978 0 9566319 0).

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