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RAF 100 Family Service Celebration

Here's the poster and a collage of photos from our celebration of 100 year anniversary of the RAF. All self explanatory really!

100 years RAF poster 2
100 years RAF Family Service

Church Family Prayer

At our last family service we all put together ideas for a church family prayer. Well, our church warden Chris has had a look at the contributions and put this together.

As we serve you
Lord, help us to concentrate on You
As we help other people
Lord, help us to concentrate on You
As we love and respect one another
Lord, help us to concentrate on You
As we remember all things that You have made
Lord, help us to concentrate on You
As we think of those less fortunate than ourselves
Lord, help us to concentrate on You
As we go from this place
Lord, help us to concentrate on You


More Children Join 'The Band'

Lovely to see Emily and Hannah playing keyboards this month. Well done both of you.

Don't forget if you play an instrument  and would like to join in then tell us. We'll send you the music well in advance and you can play as much or as little as you like.

childrens band growing

New Church Family Prayer

New Church Family Prayer

We are creating a new 'Family Service Prayer', especially for Scampton Church, which we will say at the beginning of the family services on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. Ideas from the congregation were offered in prayer by Hannah and Emily at our June Family Service. We will share next month what the final prayer looks like. 

The Chairs are Coming!

After about 4 years of research and campaigning, we have now received approval from the Church of England to dispose of the pews and replace them with chairs. Four of the more ornate pews will be retained, as will the more modern pews in the RAF chapel. We are hoping the timescale is about six weeks. 
Some pews have already been sold but there are still some left, so if you would like to buy one the smaller ones (6'11") are £100 each and the bigger ones (8'4") are £130 each.  A 'donate a chair' scheme has now been launched. The idea being to provide an opportunity for people to dedicate chairs in memory of a loved one who has departed, or to celebrate a person, a church, school, club, company, regiment or other organisation. 
Download a 'dedicate a chair' leaflet HERE.

new stackable chairs


Open Churches Weekend

The open churches weekend was a real success, raising £343, and was uplifted by the wonderful sunshine. There was lots going on including the royal wedding live on TV and a reflective walk around the Commonwealth War Graves and Churchyard. If you missed it you can still take the 'virtual tour' here...

'A right royal wedding'

What a beautiful way to learn about the Church of England Wedding Service and celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The sun shone on Scampton Church as pupils, staff and parents attended Scampton Primary Schools ‘Mock Wedding’. Wedding cars, flowers, confetti – we had it all.

The Wedding Party consisted of Bride, Groom, Best Man, Bride and Groom’s Parents and Bridesmaids and Page Boy. The Ushers handed out service sheets for the service. As the 'morning' progressed Sue taught the different parts of the wedding service.

We all arrived back at school for wedding cake and to sing the National Anthem. Later, BBC Radio Linclonshire interviewed pupils about their experience.

For more photo's go to the school blog HERE

Right Royal Wedding


Easter Sunday

Alleluia - He is Risen - He is Risen indeed - Alleluia!

Well 75 people came along to celebrate the Risen Christ. The service represented what the disciples must have felt like when they encountered the risen Christ. In fact following His resurrection Jesus was seen not only by His disciples but by other people on 11 occasions, and on one occasion was seen by over 500 people.

Jesus disciples were suddenly transformed from defeated, despairing and dejected to being overwhelmed with joy. Just like all those who came along this morning and enjoyed watching some videos of the Easter story, the Easter egg hunt, Pete the puppet up to his usual antics, pass the Easter prayer parcel, and the Easter Conga. The Easter Conga you might ask - what is that! Here are some photos....so make your own mind up what the atmosphere was like.

Easter Conga round the church
Easter Conga round the church
Pass the prayer parcel
Pass the prayer parcel
Easter egg sharing time
Easter egg sharing time
Hot Cross Buns All Round!
Hot Cross Buns All Round!
The Flowered Cross
The Flowered Cross


Mothering Sunday

Sue and Joe have been working with some of the children at Scampton School during the Easter term and someone said...lets have a band! So no sooner said than done and seven of the children came along and played 'Seek ye First the Kingdom of God' during the service. Well done all of you.

Scampton School Band
Mothering Sunday Scampton School Band

Churchyard Bench Seat Restored

Churchyard bench seat






The teak bench seat dedicated to William and Margaret Lockwood and their son Jack who died serving his country in 1943, has been stripped re-oiled and re-secured. It's now a lovely place again for quiet reflection and prayer or a summer picnic!

The Beast from the East

Wow! what a cold week with freezing temperatures and 15 cm of snow! Would the family service go ahead?

Here's how Sue described the morning on her Facebook entry ...

'Went over to church at 7.15 this morning in my jimmy jams to put the heat on for the 10.15 family service.

Wondered why I was bothering as surely no one will come out in this weather. Oh Ye of little faith. Over 60 braved it!!!!'

Not only that but the Rural Dean also braved it, and poor Walter got himself wrapped up in a sheet during Sues talk based

on The Lords Prayer, and Forgiveness. (Luke 11. 1-4.)

Walter illustrating Forgiveness


Alpha Sunday

Thanks to Jonathan for sending in some photos he took at our Alpha Sunday service.

Alpha Sunday Service

We need your help

If there is one thing for sure... Scampton Church Family is growing!
In our growing church help is always needed. Here are a few ways that you could help.

Prayer - It's often said, “I can’t do much, but I can pray.” That is a sad way to think about prayer. The truth is, not everyone will pray. Prayer is never the “least you can do,” but should always be thought of as the most important thing you can do. Pray for Scampton Church, its leadership team, and those in the church who have needs. Don’t just pray for situations to be resolved in a positive way, but pray more deeply than that. Pray that people will be changed and become spiritually stronger.

Music and singing - We still need a few more singers and especially someone who can play a few simple chords on a keyboard. So if you know of anyone who enjoys music and can sing or play then get in touch.

Cleaning and Flowers - We have a small team who do a brilliant job, but are always looking out for help, no matter how small.

Children and Young people - We are looking to set up a youth group so if you can help out here then get in touch with Chris, one of our church wardens.

Welcome Team - If you are outgoing and can strike up a conversation with others, you can help out with the Welcome Team - seek out visitors and do what you can to help them feel welcome and comfortable. Help them to get the things they need to have a great experience at Scampton Church. You don’t have to be given a title to be friendly!

Audio/Visual - We are building a comprehensive audio/visual experience in church and need more people to operate it. So if you are interested in or have experience with Powerpoint, mixing desks or band setups, then get in touch. We'll give you lots of support and training.

Transformation, Fund Raising and Event Organisation - Our aim is to transform Scampton Church building, and create a community church and heritage centre which could be used daily for community events. Every generation leaves its mark on a church building and this transformation will make our church fit for purpose today. This is a really exciting project and is now underway with the replacement of the north aisle roof, a new A/V system and the replacement of the old and unstable pews with chairs. There is still a lot to do. We need helpers.

Cooking - There are always events that require the provision of food, so if you like baking cakes or can help out with catering arrangements on our Alpha course which is starting this month, then ping us an e mail.

Maintenance - Do you paint, garden, or enjoy minor DIY... we have a job for you!

Alpha Course


Our first ever Alpha course started on the 5th of February and the group has ten members who signed up for the nine weekly sessions. So far we've munched through lasagne, pancakes and sheherds pie with vegan/vegetarian alternatives. We are already looking forward to other dishes like pizza, curry and pie and peas!

A recent piece of feedback read...."I think its fantastic, Being free to talk about what you want is brilliant..and what an amazing group of people."

So all is looking good.

We're always looking for volunteers to help at Alpha. There are several teams you can get involved in so if you’d like to help with Alpha, please drop Sue an email at info@scamptonchurch.org


Hello Everyone…

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m already thinking of all the exciting changes that are planned at Scampton Church for 2018.

When speaking about change and being a changed person, it makes me think about the time when a man called Zac met Jesus and was changed from a ‘skin flint’ into a generous man. (Luke 1.1-10) You can hear more about Zac and his encounter with Jesus at our Family Service on 7th January.

It’s easy sometimes to sit in our comfortable world and resist any change that makes us a bit uncomfortable, but we live in a changing world and that change is getting faster.

So…. are you sitting comfortably?  I think that we must never become too comfortable in our Christian life. It’s said that a minister’s job is to comfort the disturbed and to disturb the comfortable. To walk with God means that we cannot stay as we are. This means we must always be asking ourselves “what next, Lord?” for me personally, and for us together as a church family. One way of finding answers to our personal questions and doubts about our faith is to discuss it with others in a respectful way. In February we are providing an opportunity to do just this by running an Alpha Course.

This is my personal invitation to you to come along. Join me for a meal, watch a short film and discuss your beliefs or challenge the Christian faith in a friendly open and informal way.

So here’s to 2018… bring it on

...and we hope you enjoy reading this years journal. Remember also you can follow us on Facebook.

Rev’d Sue Deacon (Local Minister)